Dominican paragliding records

Along the years, the small flying community in the Dominican Republic has been trying out the island's potential for XC flying. After opening many takeoffs, experimenting on various XC routes, and after presenting this new world-class paragliding destination to the world-wide community trough various competitions and international events, we are now able to show you our sporting achievements: our National Paragliding Records.

  Distance in a straight line

Pilot: Sebastian Meier
Nationality: Swizerland (CH)
Distance: 69.5 km
Glider: Ozone Mantra M2
Date: 18 FEB 2007
Takeoff: Azua
Landing: SW of San Juan
Duration of flight: 3:37
Takeoff time: 11:44
Landing time: 15:21
Takeoff height: 175 m
Maximum height: 2025 m

  Distance over three turnpoints

Pilot: Urban Valic
Nationality: Slovenia (SI)
Distance: 117 km
Glider: Mac Para Magus
Date: 2 FEB 2006
Takeoff: Vallejuelo
Landing: SW of Las Matas
Duration of flight: 4:46
Takeoff time: 12:32
Landing time: 17:18
Takeoff height: 1380 m
Maximum height: 2730 m

  Distance in an FAI triangle

Pilot: Daniel Crespo
Nationality: Spain (ES)
Distance: 47.2 km
Glider: Advance Omega 7
Date: 9 FEB 2007
Takeoff: Casabito
Landing: Casabito ~
Duration of flight: 2:51
Takeoff time: 12:43
Landing time: 15:35
Takeoff height: 800 m
Maximum height: 1750 m

  Distance in out-and-return

Pilot: Aljaz Valic
Nationality: Slovenia (SI)
Distance: 84 km
Glider: Mac Para Magus
Date: 1 FEB 2006
Takeoff: Vallejuelo
Landing: Vallejuelo ~
Duration of flight: 4:03
Takeoff time: 11:20
Landing time: 15:24
Takeoff height: 1380 m
Maximum height: 2125 m