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Check our Paragliding Wallpapers from Dominican Republic !

What else?

My own collection of paragliding photos of Dominican Republic in "Our Gallery" section. Click here!

What's there in our paragliding picture gallery?

- Claude Montpetit's amazing collection of photos taken during his 9 days in Dominican Republic plus 32 outstanding pictures of his 59,5 km record flight in his exclusive gallery.

- Our 2002 French visitors photos of Dominican Republic here.

- Our "all time" paragliding pictures collection here.

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French Visitors' pics:
(Gérald Delorme, Pierre Naville, Pierre, Christophe, Maxime, Seb & Tanya)

Dawn at La Playita. Sabaneta's Dam. Northwestern view. Cloudbase over 3.200 mts. (the mountains in the background are over 2000 mts. high) Maxime from Christophe's view.

A fire on the way from Galván to Haiti. Setting up at Las Aguitas. Soaring at La Playita.

Seb, Pierre Naville, Gérald Delorme. Christoph high above Azua. An haitian family near the border.

Azua, looking South East. Azua, looking South West.

Above La Descubierta, looking East, 47 km away from Galvan after a great XC flight. Above and behind La Descubierta, a beautiful view of Enriquillo lake. Aproaching Monterio from La Playita after a 5 km flight along the shore.

Our "all time" pics:

Landing in Azua. In the background, the takeoff spot, only 90 m above. A beautiful day in Cofresi, Puerto Plata. Landing spot in Galvan.

Thermalling over Alto del Guayabo. In the background, a beautiful sigth of the Central Range. A view to the South from Alto del Guayabo in Jarabacoa. Gliding to Cabral's lake in the great valley of Neyba from La Job's takeoff.

Seconds after takeoff in Las Aguitas, San Juan. Right before a strong thermal in Azua. Soaring in Azua.

Some beautiful cumulus over Sierra de Neyba, in Galvan's landing spot. Cloud base heading West from Alto del Guayabo, Jarabacoa. Long glide over Bayguate river in Jarabacoa.

South view from Azua. Takeoff in Azua. After takeoff in Azua.

Gliding to La Playita beach, Azua. Rincon Dam. View from Manaclita, Bonao. Waiting for the first cumulus in Manaclita, Bonao.

A beautiful sky in Azua. Azua and it's usual yellow tones. Some big cumulus in Azua.

Alto del Guayabo takeoff in Jarabacoa. Heading East from Alto del Guayabo to the great Cibao. Wide thermal in Jarabacoa. In the background, Jarabacoa's valley.

Going for a ride in La Playita, Azua. A smooth soaring flight in La Playita. A view to the West from La Playita, Azua.

East view from Manaclita, Bonao. After takeoff in Manaclita. Thermalling in Manaclita. Wide cumulus streets in the background.

Manaclita's fans club. After takeoff in Los Martines, between Bani and San Jose de Ocoa. Soaring in Matua.

East takeoff in Matua. The takeoff in Matua is the backyard of a friendly family's weekend house. Matua in a non-cumulus afternoon.

90 degrees view from Manaclita, Bonao.

210 degrees view of Azua.

270 degrees view from Las Aguitas, San Juan.

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